Tim Mainka's Sonic Freedom®™ Unleashes
A Fun Guitar Bass Drum Lesson!

"Imagine Your Child or You Enjoying Learning How To
Play Parts Of Your Favorite Song Even On Your First
Lesson!" *
* Your favorite songs are encouraged and it's possible that
Tim can show you parts of your chosen song even on your first lesson!
He is that good and fun.

Very informative and fun.

"You have helped me grow tremendously.
My skill level is way up and my confidence is way up. I have moved from being a plunker to a real player where I can fill, change keys, play by ear, and so much more. You are great fun to work with and very patient.
I am extremely satisfied with the value you give."
-- Dr. Paul DeYoung (Hope College)

"“Thanks Tim, for all the useful instruction. I've learned and progressed more in the past couple of months of lessons with you than I have in floundering the previous 28 years of trying to learn on'my own."
Jon Hoeksema, Hoeksema Tool Service, Inc.

"The lessons are really fun! Material is taught in a way that is easy to remember, which is really helpful. I've been self-teaching myself guitar for 4 years and I've learned more in the past few weeks than I have in the time before that."
- Anastasia Starrett

"Dan thinks very highly of your talents as well as your character. He tells me what a gifted musician you are...He is growing and maturing rapidly." - Chris Gachman-Brown

"“I've been a guitar student for about 3 years...
very informative and fun."” - Brian Winner

" I highly recommend Tim Mainka as a drum teacher ...a patient polite teacher."
- Patricia Mulder

"I have been a (bass) student of Tim Mainka for almost two years...I would highly recommend Tim as an instructor to anyone" - Mike Bishop

“"Tim has been a guitar instructor for our son for the last year and a half...We have been extremely pleased...We will truly miss him."”
- Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dosemagen

"I feel like I'm learning A LOT from my lessons with you and you've given me a ton of things to build on and to further my understanding of how music works."” --Gregg Howe

"He (Nikolaus) absolutely loves the lessons...
He has been practicing everyday and can now do his scale forward and backward. He can also play the f,e,and g sheet that you gave him and not only that he can play the whole thing of amazing grace and jingle bells. He is so excited and proud about it. Thanks so much for your patience.
You are a great teacher!" - Stephanie Couturier